Eide Magazine posted an article mentioning Amsterdam Station and our new music video for Zombie Killer!   With over 37,000 views, Zombie Killer is going viral.  Be prepared.

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Press for Zombie Killer


LionRED is now available for download featuring Every Day, Heart In My Hand, Sweet Georgia Pine, Noose In My Mind, and Face the World Alone.  Download our first EP and thanks for supporting Amsterdam Station.

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You can now easily remix and mashup "Sons & Daughters of the Revolution" on Songster at www.playsongster.com!  Amsterdam Station has been one of the most re-mixed bands on the Songster charts with Zombie Killer. Now re-imagine Sons and Daughters by mixing our songs with other great bands like Owl City!

Amsterdam Station worked with Andy Reilly and Muse productions on its latest song Sons and Daughters of the Revolution.  Andy Reilly.  Muse Productions. 678-768-8710.  Noose in my Mind, Zombie Killer, and Face the World Alone were recorded, mixed and mastered by Lee March at Muse Studios, Atlanta and the Art Institute of Atlanta.  Every Day, Sweet Georgia Pine, and Heart in My Hand were mixed and recorded by Casey Prezario, and mastered by Lee March.  All rights reserved. Copywrite 2010, 2011, and 2012.